Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Welcome to Uno Lamp Shades

Welcome to Uno Lamp shades where Mary can put that extra sparkle in your home lighting with beautiful uno lamp shades. Each of her custom uno lamp shades is made by hand and is a charming addition to any modern home. All shades are made with traditional hand sewing techniques and can be custom ordered with your choice of fabrics and trim.

Custom Uno Lamp Shades Design
If you would like a new lamp shade customized for your lamp, Mary can create an original just for you. You can choose fabric, trim and a lamp shade style that reflects your personal taste in accent lighting.
Choose from domestic or imported fabrics. Add lace, hand pleating, chiffon rosettes or burn-out velvet for that antique look. Or choose a style that reflects more traditional uno lamp shades of the past. Shades can be dyed almost any color you desire.
Tell Mary what you'd like, see her photo collection (below) for ideas, or ask her for suggestions - Mary will always make sure that each custom uno lamp shade you request is carefully inspected and done meticulously. Just send your request and Mary will be happy to assist you.

Bring Out The Artist In You – DIY Uno Lampshade Kits!

Creating your own lampshade cover can be a fun project that will update the look of an outdated or damaged lamp. It can add character or whimsy, depending on the style you create, and is a quick, easy do-it-yourself project that gives your old lamp a new look. For the artist in you who wants to try creating your own custom lamp shades, Mary offers the custom UNO Lampshade kit that comes with a How-To DVD. For more info, email Mary at

Uno Lamp shades turn your lights on!

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