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Lamp shades that are especially made just for you!

We make quality Victorian designs for your lamp shades. They come in different styles, colors, materials and many more. Our designs are very unique and would really complement the style of your house. The customized lamp shades are just perfect to show off your own style. Whether you prefer to have our designs or the custom one, we are here to help you out to find what you are looking. You are very welcome to browse now for some of our coolest designs.
Each request for custom made lamp shades are inspected and done accordingly. We make sure that each lamp shades meet our standards before being delivered to you. We can do magic and reconstruct your lamp shades that would turn it into a fabulous one. Or we can change the color of your wanting custom lamp shade. Just send us your request and we are happy to assist you.
We have made different designs and posted the pictures over the years so you can easily browse them. We have so many selections of Victorian Lamp shades that you can pick of. To bring out the artist in you, we really encourage you to show off your designs to us so we can custom it right away just for you.
We also have our special offer. At Uno Lamp shades, you can buy our CUSTOM UNO LAMP SHADE KIT at a very affordable price. Plus! When you buy our Custom Uno Lamp shade kit, you would also have a HOW TO DVD. Grab it now! Or email us at heartent@mindsync.com.
At Uno Lamp shades, our goal is to give you the perfect light that would fit to your personality and so with your dream house. We are so happy to help you.
If you liked what you’ve seen, email us at heartent@mindsync.com
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